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Greg S in AK

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Mar 12, 2019
Been on a wheelgun kick here but I've finally come back to the kitchen table this past winter and semi finished a ground up rebuild of a Colt Series 80 Commander (my 1st Cmdr) and a Isreali FN P-35. Still have sights to do on both and alittle more stippling on the HP. If I don't get outta here soon and visit a friend in Oregon, I'll be looking for a group rate for dovetail cuts on 3 projects.
In the process now of tinkering with a used S&W M65 4". The internals are pretty ship shape and no problems with CCI550s so that's good. I've rounded the square butt and fitted some nice grips. Been stalling the barrel chop for 5 months. Looking at a bob to 3", maybe alittle less, installing a .075 Novak front sight blank. For the rear sight, I'm looking at a square cut on a mil to remove the factor rear and install a piece of steel .1 higher than the top strap, blend and start at a .140 groove and maybe a .156, the serrate, bead blast and park the front and rear sights after regulating.
After that, it's back to the bench for two Govt builds, both in 45.

Somehere in the I need to stick in a 1911 class either over at Montgomery or with Mr Rodgers.

In the meantime, I'll be hanging in the shadows digging for nuggets of gold. G.

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