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May 19, 2021
South of the River, Twin Cities area
Long time "lurker", figured it was time to step into the light. First gun I ever owned was a 70 Series Combat Commander, in 1982. Then I started collecting Walthers. Then I got married and all the guns left. Some time passed...got a new wife. She says: "It's an investment, just buy it". o_O:D:D:cool: Don't own any of the "high end" 1911's. Have Taurus, two Kimbers, a couple of Star BM's for fun (I know, I know) and my EDC is a Sig Scorpion. Nothing against high-end, but I'm the CSO for the largest gun store and range in MN and have access to DW, Nighthawk, Staccato, Wilson... I don't seem to shoot any more accurately with the $2K+ guns so I spend my extra $$ on a wider variety of guns. My EDC changes between the Scorpion and a P227 or VP9...depending on the amount of local rioting. ;) My thanks for letting me into your group and I promise I will not be a trouble maker.
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