Handgun and Rifle training sections merged

Sep 17, 2010
We figured that the fundamentals of shooting applies no matter the choice of firearm.

We also wanted to make it easier to have one place to go to get information regarding classes and useful posts.

We envision this section (and the whole forum) as a place to get good useful information.

We want the posts to have a tone of seriousness, openness, and helpfulness.

While humor and friendly aspects of individual posts and replies are not discouraged, those that are inflammatory, mean-spirited, and not generally helpfully to the subject(s) at hand will be deleted.
Be prepared to defend any and all statements you make.

I also dont want "advertising posts":

If you took a class with a instructor or group, don't just rave about how awesome they were; tell us what specifically you liked and about it and why.

Useful information is a requirement of every post and/or reply.

There will be no favoritism or patronizing on this or any other forum.
You teach or instruct? Great!
Participate; but be prepared to justify your argument as well as your background.

No disrespect intended, but just because someone has a NRA certification or is licensed as a State of Oklahoma SDA instructor doesn't make you an expert.

Most of you would be truly amazed at the talent level and background that some of our teaching academies and instructors here in the area have. Federal, military, law enforcement, defensive tactics, Competition, you name it, we have world class folks here in our backyard.

We need to tap that experience, and we want this forum to be the venue for that.


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Apr 23, 2020
Rochester Hills, Mi
I've not attended any shooting classes, as I'm already aware of what contributes most to my shooting inaccuracy....impatience, combined with age related issues.
Since I have difficulty maintaining my sights on the targets I shoot ( due to a movement), I've instituted some steps to improve my rifle shooting accuracy .These include using a bipod when shooting from a bench and most my rifles have drop in triggers or trigger mods to lighten the trigger pull. While I believe sandbags actually work better than the bipods I use, lugging 2 of 3 filled sandbags from the vehicle to my shooting bench ( on top of rifles ammo, & other shooting equipment needed) prevents their use on a consistent basis. It would have been beneficial to have some instruction earlier in life, to develop better accuracy enhancing habits, but life & work minimized the frequency of my ability to spend time at the range. I've tried getting my adult sons interested in improving their skills, but sadly, interest is lacking.


Feb 11, 2011
Ponca City, Ok
Actually, this could morph into an interesting thread. Not a lot of people shoot in competition like the first two posters, which are incredible shooters. I've shot with both, and they would intimidate the best.
There are a lot of setups and classes of shooting for accuracy, not speed.
Personally, I was more into the competitions where speed and accuracy determined the winner.
If there are shooters out there that are into F class, or similar long-range or bench rest competitions, check in with us and let us know how we can improve.

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