Sold/Expired ** FINAL Price Drop** Kimber Eclipse Pro "lightly used"

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Sep 14, 2018
I purchased new so it will come with all the useless locks, propaganda and paraphernalia that's normally stuffed into the plastic case.

Since I log my "ammo fired" info for all my guns, I can tell you that this one has had only 115 rds. of CCI Blazer Brass. 230gr. fmj through it.
**FINAL Price Drop** $750 FFL to FFL .............. only ridiculous trade offers will be considered... (such as this for your LB, EB, or NH) kidding of course.
(redundant listing)IMG_1818 (2).jpg IMG_1819 (2).jpg IMG_1822 (2).jpg IMG_1823 (2).jpg IMG_1824 (2).jpg
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