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Buck Buck

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Aug 15, 2018
..I've been wanting to get my hands on a nice one for 50 years. Finally picked one up a few months ago, that was/is in really nice shape. Appears to have had very little use. Decided I wasn't fond of the light coloured "furniture", so I stripped it and refinished it, using a special stain that a furniture refinisher made for me - and 10 applications of hand rubbed Teak oil and 4 of Minwax. Also re-did the barrel band and butt plate in gloss black enamel - they had a few light scratches on them.
That is one fine looking finish! And a great photo that shows it off very nicely.
BTW - don't know why you want to fire at Will. He never meant to hurt no body ! ;)


Nov 2, 2022
Thank you - kind of you to say so.
BTW - it's will, not Will - and the term/phrase is given, to enable the shooter to fire when he feels he has a good chance of hitting his "target" - rather than volley fire, which could literally be hit or miss. I personally have no hard feelings for Wills - some of my best friends have them.


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Jan 15, 2021
Eastern North Carolina
No chrono, but did get to shoot it today. A bunch different stuff. First mag was reman ball, here's the target. 50 yrd. Not bad for a 75 yr. old with a bad eye. I see no problem using this in deer season. I think it'll get better down the road, only put 70 rds. thru it today. Shot steel plates after this first mag. Fun afternoon!:p
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That is impressive shooting. That sounds like a fun gun.