Carry ammunition.....45ACP....


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Sep 22, 2018
Currently, I use Federal 230gr Hydra-Shok. Feeds very well in all my carry 1911's. Accurate, very, very accurate.
Lately, I've been thinking. Very dangerous for me, too much friction on too few brain cells.
Been thinking about +P self defense ammo. Thinking about Flat Point projectiles to go with that.
Buffalo Bore puts out a 255gr hardcast at around 1100fps. Barrier penetration shouldn't be an issue. Over penetration might could be. Maybe a bit of overkill, unless I was in bear or Bigfoot country.
So discuss, first +P, most of which runs between 925-1000fps, and then flat point bullets.
Would you, wouldn't you? I'm not gonna worry about justifying what ammo I used in a self defense situation. It is either a good shoot, or I seriously goobered myself.

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