A strange find .. ( a ? re: flash hole diameters )


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Apr 23, 2020
Rochester Hills, Mi
Found a strange thing last night , when prepping a batch of 30-30 cases.
I use the Lee case length gauge to trim my rifle cases, as it's impossible to trim them too short, using this system.
The case length gauge passes thru the cases' flash hole, & bottoms out against the lock stud, so the cutter can't trim the case any shorter.
Easy system to use that's not so easy to describe.

The pin that passes thru the flash hole ( on the case length gauge ) measures .0705" with my digital caliper.

Going thru about 150 cases that had been cleaned & resized, I found a case that the pin on the case length gauge wouldn't pass thru.
I've used the Lee case length gauge system on a variety of calibers, for about 40 yrs. & this was the 1st time this has happened.
Thought the flash hole must be off-center...nope.
Thought something was stuck in the flash hole...nope
tried inserting pin thru the primer pocket...nope - a no-go.

Set case aside, & continued to go thru the rest of the cases needing trimming.

Found 13 cases with the same issue. The cases are all head stamped " WW-Super 30-30 Win "
My guess is these may be really old cases, possibly made before flash hole dia. size was standardized ?

I measured all the cases, none require trimming..they're actually shorter than most the other 30-30 cases.
I have 27 other cases with the identical head stamp that do not have this smaller sized flash hole.

What to do ? options are ;
1) do nothing to case, load & fire.
2) use a small drill bit & enlarge flash holes, to same size as other cases.

Anyone run across this before ?

Posting all this because I'm curious if others have had this issue with other cases ? ,
and looking for thoughts on whether I should enlarge the flash holes for those having the smaller size ?

leaning toward using them as is, because the rounds were made that way & obviously, the flash hole worked as intended.


Feb 11, 2011
Ponca City, Ok
Those Lee systems are pretty easy to use and foolproof.
Man, when I started reloading in 1980, I used the Lee case grip in a drill motor and 0000 steel wool to polish them as I didn't have a tumbler. Had several of those case size tools for different calibers and so on.

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