Chambers Custom 1911U00003...The Teacher

Joe C

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Feb 16, 2018
This is the gun I built during the first class a couple of weeks ago. I finally got around to finishing up the cosmetics the way I wanted them.

It is a .45Auto Government Model 1911 with a long three hole trigger set to 3lb 8oz short roll. It has 100% leg to slide stop contact and match tolerances throughout.

It's been a long time since I did this particular idea, in fact, almost 9 years now. The gun is matte finished but the edges are all done by hand in carry bevel fashion. Then I polished them to a mirror finish before bluing. This gives the guns a particular "framed" look. It also illustrates ones skill and ability to use a file and stones...or not...depending on how the bevels turn out. Also, all the small parts were polished to a mirror shine before bluing and the holes in the trigger have polished bevels.

I also choose to do the Marvel Pattern Cut (MPC) that my teacher showed me and gave me permission to use many years ago. It is a pattern cut that has always appealed to me as a classy design. It also gives great grip on the front strap and mainspring housing when coupled with stippling.

The gun also features the CCP Grip Safety, prototype thumb safety, slide stop, mag catch, hammer, sear, disco, strut, carbon fiber grips, dovetail front sight blank and buried/protected rear sight installation.

I'm using a 23lb Wolff mainspring and a 18.5lb Springco USA recoil spring.

I hope you all enjoy it looking at it. It was a lot of fun to build and it sure does shoot good.

IMG_3261.JPG IMG_3262.JPG IMG_3264.JPG IMG_3267.JPG IMG_3268.JPG IMG_3269.JPG IMG_3270.JPG IMG_3271.JPG IMG_3275.JPG IMG_3276.JPG


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Apr 3, 2018
That is a cool build. The stippling on the slide,frame and thumb safety are awesome. I've handled one of Joe's builds with the stippling and is surprisingly grippy. I would love to try that thumb safety.

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